Learning to Use Pharm Made Easy and Dosage Calc in Class, Clinical and Simulation

Are you Teaching Pharmacology or Dosage Calculations? This webinar will showcase how you use this resource along with the benefits of using Pharm Made Easy and Dosage Calc in your class, clinical, and simulation environments. Turn a challendging subject into a fun and engaging opportunity for students. This is a robust resource that will help […]

ATI Champions National Call

At ATI, we bring you as a Champion the state of nursing education information that empowers your ability to lead your colleagues and program. Staying abreast of the landscape in nursing education with dynamic leaders sharing key updates will benefit you as the Champion. This information can be shared with colleagues and students for trends […]

Learning to use ATI's Swift River Simulations in Class, Clinical and Simulation

Swift River Simulations is a resource you won't want to miss for your course! Are you looking for an excellent way to help students learn? Swift River Simulations is for you! This webinar will showcase how to use this product in your course. The diverse patient profiles lend an opportunity to make this real for […]

Learning to Use Real Life 4.0 in Class, Clinical and Simulation

Are you interested in helping students build clinical judgment skills with teaching and learning? This Real Life 4.0 webinar will assist you with learning more about this excellent product that has amazing features for you to use in your class. Did you know that this resource can help your students practice in a safe environment? […]

Learning to Use Engage Fundamentals in Class, Clinical and Simulation: No Textbook Needed!

Have you heard the latest about Engage Fundamentals? No textbook anymore! Technology and innovation are here! You won’t want to miss this one! This webinar will showcase the newest information about our Engage Fundamentals that will assist you with the latest resources to available for your Fundamentals course. The students will enjoy the ability to […]